What do I wear to my Shoot?!πŸ‘šπŸ‘•πŸ‘”πŸ‘—


                 What do I wear to my Shoot?!

     Photo portraits are about people, but clothing could either make or break your photo shoot. When choosing an outfit for an individual shoot, look for something that is comfortable, something that fits your personality and style. Try to avoid patterns, plaids, strips and logos; solid colors works the best. If it is a theme shoot, wear an outfit that complements the theme. When doing spring shoots, try looking at spring colors such as, white, blue, light pink, light green or baby blue; look at spring flowers for inspiration. If your shoot is in the winter, choose fall colors such as, pumpkin orange, dark or medium greens, dark reds, and all sorts of brown; look at the changing fall leaves for inspiration. Try to bring a change of clothes (or two) and extra accessories so you get a variety of looks, a pair of earrings, hat, necklace or a simple scarf can completely change the outfit.

For Family/Group Photos, dress in the same solid colors; your outfits doesn't have to match completely, but make sure your group colors collaborate, this will help to avoid colors from clashing.

    Try to find out from your Photographer where the location will be, because the environment of the shoot could also become a big clash. If you are outside where there are lots of greens and browns, try to avoid green and brownish colors. If your photo shoot is on a beach try to avoid colors that match the sand.

 Please do not get discourage when choosing an outfit for a shoot,look at other photographs for inspiration, look at how their outfits collaborate with one another. Photo portraits are about people, but if you chose the right outfit/s it could be your best portrait yet.


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Sorena Briley