Algiers Court House Wedding

Sterling and Tifni's Wedding Nuptials ❤️💍♥️

Sterling and Tifni got married back in September at a Texas Court house where they lived but what they didn't do is tell some of their family and friends. They both decided to get married again in New Orleans and surprise everyone on their "Wedding day" by revealing that they were already Married! Congratulations again to Sterling and Tifni on your Wedding Nuptials!

Venue: Eiffel Society

Second Photographer: @Bli_Studio


Greta and Chris's Court house Wedding 😍😍

I absolutely love Court house Weddings! These type of wedding ceremony is pure and gets straight to the point. This beautiful wedding took place at the New Orleans City Hall Courthouse where close family joined them in an intimate and simple ceremony.

Greta and Chris celebrated after the ceremony with family and friends at their home for a reception. 

Thanks so much for including me in your intimate wedding and I wish you two a lifetime of happiness together!

Courtney and Carey's Wedding Day!💖💖

What a wonderful time I had Photographing Courtney and Carey's Wedding day! 

Tyrone and Dyanne Courthouse Wedding 😍

What a wonderful time we had photographing Tyrone and Dyanne. We started off first in Armstrong park for a pre-wedding session, capturing the couple's character and style and after that we were off to Algiers Courthouse for their beautiful ceremony. Tyrone and Dyanne were a very fun couple to capture!